Monday, June 30, 2008

Update into July

On the street and in the shop is the July 08 issue of Discover Mid-America.

Check out the feature "Putting on the antique show." It's not the usual "antique publication" feel-good, ignore-the-problems-in-the-trade stuff. The three antique show promoters interviewed come across as real.

For August, look for a cover piece on vintage baseball gloves and for September a cover feature on Fronkoma Pottery.

Meanwhile, ad executive Al Hedrick is healing and thanks everyone for their good wishes and get-well cards. Al is coming into the office though only staying 2 to 4 hours a day. Writer and author Mike Walker is now part of the Discover Mid-America staff. Mike and his wife Vicki authored Cinemental Journeys: An Uncommon Guide to Classic Movie Theaters Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa. Good book. Call the DMA office, 800-899-9730, to order.

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