Friday, August 22, 2008

Scam in Kansas City

The City of Kansas City, MO warns of a scam targeting lodging establishments, including B&Bs. The telephone-based scam attempts to extort money from a business owner under the guise of fees for forms from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. The scam artist tells the establishment that he/she needs to send $200 for a form that must be displayed in the business under new state regulations that went into effect Aug. 1. The caller says the form and fee are part of that new state law. A second call may follow, telling the business owner the form and an invoice have been mailed. The phone call may be blocked by caller ID or show a number from Montreal, Canada.

No such law has been passed and state employees from the Department of Health and Senior Services have not been making such calls soliciting a fee or form connected to this fictitious law.

If you have received such a call or have questions, call 816-513-6313.

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