Monday, September 29, 2008

the hype about small business

You've got to wonder that with the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street and "too big to fail" mentality that the talk for decades about small businesses being the big "jobs generator" and backbone of the American economy is just propaganda to get votes and bring money to the credit card companies.

Want to help the economy? Enforce anti-trust laws, let the financiers fail, lower taxes on small businesses, give small business employers help with health insurance – or seriously consider single-payer universal coverage — and extend loans to small businesses.

Small business owners and the American taxpayer are justified in denouncing this bailout.

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john hogan said...

Point well taken!
Let us face reality. News media and big business always say that we are in a "recession." This so-called recession nonsense has been with us for years. What we are really in is a "depression." The rich only get richer on the backs of the average working family who want to have a comfortable life style with the basics - a job, a house, a car and perhaps a small vacation. Not so much to ask for!

We are actually getting rid of the middle class and are facing two classes: the filthy rich who want to get richer and the poor who are getting poorer. No thanks to the big boys who turn the wheels of fortune.

Society looks pretty gloomy for the struggling middle class and the poor.

If anyone should be getting big financial breaks, it should be the poor and the middle classes.