Monday, June 13, 2011

Help bring back box gutters to historic Bingham-Waggoner Estate!

The roof at the historic Bingham-Waggoner Estate, 313 W. Pacific Ave., in Independence, MO, is scheduled to be replaced because of damage it sustained in a hail storm. For a short while, a window of opportunity exists to bring back the box gutters that were original to the house in the early 1900s.

Box gutters can be found on many old and historical buildings. They were the gutter of choice for years before pre-formed metal gutters became widely popular. Box gutters are invisible from the ground.

Time is short to raise the $80,000 needed to accomplish this task. Donations may be mailed to: Bingham-Waggoner Estate, PO Box 1163, Independence, MO, 64051. Donors are asked to specify how they wish their donation to be handled, should the fundraiser not reach its goal. The money can be placed in the endowment fund or returned to the donor.

For more information, contact Site Coordinator Shireen McLaughlin at 816-461-3491 or

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