Monday, April 18, 2011

Gold & silver thefts at Missouri antique mall

Jewelry, estimated in the thousands, has been reported stolen from the Enchanted Frog Antiques mall, 7950 E. 116 Hwy, in Lathrop, MO.

Joyce Steinbuch, co-owner, estimates that about $4,500-worth of jewelry--mostly rings in sterling or 14k gold, some with good stones--was taken from a dealer's showcase on Friday, April 15.

"He must have had tools on him to get through our three-lock showcase system during open hours," Steinbuch said. "The tape shows that he's monkeying around the locks but you can't see exactly what he's using. You can see his hands full of the merchandise at one point though!"

The Enchanted Frog has a closed-circuit TV security system. Steinbuch filed a report with the Clinton County Sheriff's Office. An officer, she said, reviewed several hours of surveillance tapes at her store.

Surveillance tape shows the alleged thief appears to be a middle-aged white man, with brown hair and beard, both with some gray. He was wearing glasses and a long-sleeve blue T-shirt with a short-sleeve red shirt over it. Surveillance tape also shows, Steinbuch said, that the man was driving a red car.

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